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Queer LARP Jam exists because there aren't a whole lot of pre-written LARPs that focus on queerness or queer characters. I think we can change that. This jam also has a second purpose: to make games that can be played at an online, free Queer LARP Con (still in the early stages of the planning process). So it would be amazing if your games could be played online or have instructions to convert it for online play!


  1. No games that promote bigotry. This includes racism, homophobia, biphobia, aphobia, ableism, sexism, etc.
  2. No gatekeeping queerness. Seriously.
  3. Your game doesn't have to be "about" queerness, but must include queer themes and/or queer characters.
  4. If you aren't queer yourself, collaborate with queer people or consult with them/work with sensitivity readers.
  5. You may work on a game you started previously.
  6. You may submit multiple games if you have time!
  7. Teams of any size are permissible, as is working alone.
  8. No games promoting nonconsensual or abusive relationships.
  9. Games can include explicit or potentially triggering content, but please use the game listing page to warn potential players.
  10. No blatant copyright infringement, like art theft. Making fandom-based games is fine, as is making games using free to use content or systems.
  11. Nothing else illegal. Absolutely no sexualization of children or inclusion of sexual or romantic relationships between minors and adults. No games with explicit sex between teen characters, even if they're all teens.
  12. You can charge money for your games, as this isn't a judged jam.
  13. No jam spam! If your game doesn't follow the rules or is unrelated to the jam, don't submit it! It will be deleted!


If you want to collaborate or talk to other jammers, there's a community forum here, as well as a channel on my Queer Game Dev Discord server (you can join even if you aren't queer, as long as you are respectful and follow the rules): Or you could join my other server, Queer Indie TTRPG Scene, which has a LARP channel:

If you're interested in collaborating on the online Queer LARP Con or running a game, contact me @ metaparadox11 at gmail dot com or on Twitter @paradoxrevealed.

Olivia Montoya - host of many game jams


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a game of gender euphoria
LARP about queer friendships and the people who are there for us through life’s ups and downs. Online or in-person.
Erotic art game about representations of sexuality. 2-player or 4-to-12 player (2 versions).
A pro-choice feel-good queer feminist larp about getting an abortion.