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Quantum Wheel is a three day game jam at the heart of Helsinki aimed at creating games based on Quantum Physics, both for education and research.

The event continues the Quantum Game Jam series, and it is a Finnish Game Jam organized event in collaboration with quantum physicists from the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology (Aalto University) and University of Turku and IBM Zurich.

Quantum Wheel is taking place on 15-17 February 2019. In this jam, the participants create games that utilize Quantum Black Box (tool developed at the University of Turku) and IBM quantum computer Q Experience. The games will be made available for anyone to play.

The jam will be located at the cozy Sea Allas Pool in the center of Helsinki. Additional inspiration for the jam will be extracted from riding the SkyWheel Helsinki.


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Learn quantum programming with cute cards
Card Game
Quantum logic inspired game where you try to plug USB cables into USB plugs.
Hamsterwave is a game where you use the quantum black box to move the hamster
A 2-player quantum physics purrvival game
Play in browser
Relaxing gardening simulator using quantum computing
Magician fights noise with hands
Jazzy game using Quantum Black Box
Interactive Fiction