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We welcome you to join the online Quantum Game Jam, an event where you will collaborate with game developers, quantum physicists, visual artists, musicians, engineers and other creatives in order to develop games that connect to quantum physics either through real machinery or simply thematically! Materials about both game development and quantum physics as well as the event itself are provided for anyone interested, but do not feel obligated to study them! No previous experience in quantum physics or game development is required, you only need the curiosity and an interest in quantum games!


First step - you need to register to the jam on this page (Click "Join jam" in the banner). The jam starts with the opening ceremony on Friday, where we tell a bit about quantum physics and game development and then reveal the THEME of the jam. Each year we have a dedicated theme of the jam that serves as the inspiration and not as a limit, if you wish to take some other angle of quantum physics or computing in your game, feel free to pitch it during the pitching phase.  After this we will have a dedicated brainstorming session where we can discuss the game ideas around the theme together with others on the Game-Set-Quanta Discord server (the main platform of the jam). After the brainstorming session you will get a chance to pitch your game idea and we will proceed with the teams-forming-session, helping you to form or join a team, and provide additional assistance in Discord for creating dedicated channels for each team and off to jamming we go! 

Our hosts and moderators of the jam will assist you with the server roles and any additional tools your team may be needing. The teams will have time until Sunday afternoon to develop the games and present them then to the world!  All games will be published through this event page together with an accompanying video and screenshots. A more detailed schedule along with introducing partners, sponsors and guest speakers will be available early. 


Discord will serve as the main platform for the jam, so do join our Quantum Game community in our dedicated Discord-server: Game-Set-Quanta. 

Consider using your real name or adding it to the server specific nickname and READ THE RULES OF THE SERVER at #rules-of-the-server. Feel free to introduce yourself, your talents and background at the specific introductory channels to get a role and for others to find you! We strongly advise most communication to happen through our server so that you will have full assistance by the jam's organizers.

Important links: Discord: (Game-Set-Quanta)   MAIN PLATFORM The event stream will be hosted at IGDA Finland Twitch channel  More information on the event, quantum physics and game development. Curious about Quantum Games? Want to learn more about Quantum Game Jams? 

SCHEDULE (UTC +3, Finland)

Schedule of the event will be announced in the first week of September 2024.

For more information feel free to contact

Laura Piispanen (laura.piispanen @, Aalto University  on behalf of IGDA Finland, Natasha Skult (natasha.skult @

We follow the Code of Conduct of IGDA Finland