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The theme of 2022 is PATTERNS! 

We welcome you to join the online Quantum Game Jam, an event where you will collaborate with game developers, quantum physicists, visual artists, musicians, coders and others in order to develop games that connect to quantum physics either through real machinery or simply thematically -- the theme of the event is revealed on Friday! 
Materials about both game development and quantum physics as well as the event itself are provided for anyone interested, but do not feel obligated to study them! No prerequisites required, merely the curiosity and an interest in quantum games!

Attendance certificates

You may also earn a certificate for attending the talks related to the jam and for joining a team that publishes a game on Sunday! Join the talks, answer a few questions with your name and email and we will send you a QWorld certificate!  There will be preparative talks on Friday (14:00 UTC+3), one talk Friday evening and more on Saturday  (12:00 UTC+3). See the schedule below and come listen for more info at the event! Full info found again at the Materials -folder under Talk Questionnaires.

Recordings of the talks will be available through


You join our jam on Friday, we tell a bit about quantum physics and games and then reveal the THEME of the jam. After this you have a little time to brainstorm a game idea around this theme and propose it to others and/or just listen to the ideas of others. We then help you find a team, create a channel for you and off you go! You have until Sunday to develop the game together with your team and present it then to the world.  All games will be published through this event page together with an accompanying video and screen shots. A more detailed schedule is presented below. 

This in in particular we are collaborating with the Quantum Game Hackathon 2022, that is starting later this month -- by further developing your jam game, you are able to participate the hackathon and aim at the prices! 


Discord will serve as the main platform for the jam, so do join our Quantum Game community in our dedicated server.  Consider using your real name or adding it to the server specific nickname and feel free to introduce yourself, your talents and background at the specific introductory channels to get a role and for others to find you! We strongly advice most communication to happen through our servers. The official registration form

Discord: (Game-Set-Quanta)  
The event stream will be found at 
Curious about Quantum Games?
Want to learn more about Quantum Game Jams? 

SCHEDULE  for the jam in EEST (UTC +3)

Google calendar for the event

16.09. DAY ONE: Forming the idea around quantum physics
14:00 Preparing talks and tiny lectures 
Registration for the jam! (A separate form will be shared once we start!)

16:30  Theme reveal
18:00 Idea pitching and team formation
19:00 Developing starts 
19:30 A talk on quantum computer music

17.09. DAY TWO: Game development and iteration
12:00 -15:00 Talks on Quantum physics, Quantum technologies, Quantum industry, Quantum Games and Art etc

18.09. DAY THREE: Final touches and presenting the game to others
13:00 Developing stops!
14:00 Deadline for game submissions and videos 

For more information feel free to contact

Lead Organizer Laura Piispanen (laura.piispanen @, Aalto University
Public Communicator Daria Anttila ( dariale @ ), University of Turku or,
on behalf of IGDA Finland, Natasha Skult (natasha.skult @

We follow the Code of Conduct of IGDA Finland

IGDA Finland
Aalto University
University of Turku
IBM Quantum
Quantum AI Foundation / Quantum Games Hackathon 2022
Finnish Game Jam


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Scrub your machine master to earn your keep.
Play in browser
It's UNO when cards are entangled
Take control of Alf, a pizza delivery boy with a superposition engine and deliver food as fast as you can.
murder mystery that measures your wits
Interactive Fiction
Cursed with an anti-magic dome, you must cast all your quantum spells through the double slits in it, and beat the dome!
Role Playing
Where Mouse Guard meets Witcher
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A graphical implementation of the QNO quantum card game by Q-Philia.
Card Game
Quantum Game Jam 2022
Would you like to have a new best friend and learn something cool?
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A quantum themed puzzle game
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A quantum variant of wordle
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A Quantic Broughlike
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You have to use your knowledge of the Stern-Gerlach experiment to defeat a monster.
A game about a scientist that has to study extra terestrial planets
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Exploring quantum procedural generation