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Quantum Game Jam is a game jam that brings together scientists and game makers to create games that help quantum physics to solve scientific problems and build intuition of quantum phenomena. Quantum Game Jam is organized in collaboration with Finnish Game Jam and University of Turku.

Quantum Game Jam 2017 is an online jam, but you are free to organize your own site and invite jammers to join jamming with you! We have a Discord channel for all participants to chat and find team members. Join here: Also show your friends on Facebook that you are going to jam with us at:


Quantum Game Jam 2018 has three themes: ‘Quantum Blackbox Reborn’, ‘Riding a Beam of Light’ and ‘Watching the Quantum’. Choose the one that inspires you the most and make your game on that theme!

Theme 1: Quantum Blackbox Reborn: Last year we have released the first version of the Quantum Blackbox, an open-source toolkit implemented in Unity which allows to create games that solve real research problems in quantum physics. The problem hidden inside the blackbox is a crucial step for implementing a quantum simulator, that is a specific purpose quantum computer. A team of physicists from Aalto and Turku University has announced that the first quantum computer in Finland will be completed by the year 2020. Our new version of the Quantum Blackbox is faster, more efficient and more flexible. Use it to create your game and help us to reach the ambitious goal of 2020! Your game can be about anything as long as it uses the Quantum Blackbox.

Download the Quantum Blackbox:

Theme 2: Riding a beam of light: An intuitive understanding of travel near the speed of light can be difficult to develop. The concepts involved in special relativity seem remote and inaccessible to us in our daily lives. Students and teachers of special relativity have very little in the way of tangible demonstrations, and are typically expected to develop understanding solely through the reading and working of theoretical problems. Intended for game developers, educators, and anyone interested in physics, OpenRelativity is an open-source toolkit to simulate effects of special relativity by varying the speed of light. Developed by the MIT Game Lab, it contains open-source code for public use with the Unity engine. Your game can help people create, test, and share experiments to explore the effects of special relativity! Ready to take the challenge?

Download OpenRelativity:

Theme 3: Watching the Quantum: They say a watched pot never boils. Thanks to a quirk of quantum mechanics, a similar thing can be said of atoms, which refuse to decay while you peek at them. A new plan to exploit this effect may overcome one of the biggest obstacles to building a quantum computer. If we keep observing a quantum system we can inhibit the loss of quantumness and prolong the life of any quantum-enhanced technology. Can we make games to visualise this weird aspect of the quantum world.

All Quantum Game Jam 2017 games are released under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


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Quantum black box simulation tool
This is VR game using the Black Box that was given as a theme for Quantum Game Jam.
Illustrating the quantum Zeno effect
Submission to Quantum Game Jam 2017
Watch these little angels closely!
Zenoarcher - A Bow & Arrow game inspired by the Quantum Zeno Effect