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People have been programming digital computers to make games for almost 70 years. It's time for something new. Let's make a game for a quantum computer!


The theme is not a secret, it is quantum computing! Specifically, the aim of this jam is to make a game that uses Qiskit: a framework for writing and running programs for quantum computers. The proper version of Qiskit is Python-based, but unofficial ports of basic features also exist (see here).

How to do this strange quantum thing

There are many ways you can use Qiskit in a game, even if you are new to quantum computing. For example

  • Use it in the design stage to make some assets or prototype a game mechanic.
  • Use it in the loading screen to prepare levels.
  • Use it in the game loop to implement the game mechanic.

For inspiration and to find out more about quantum computing for games, check out the following.

You can run your quantum programs on prototype quantum hardware using this cloud service. Or you can simply simulate them on the same computer that runs the game. If you have any questions, use the community board for this jam.

(Lack of) Prizes

This is a non-competitive jam. The prize is a sense of satisfaction at a job well done. The host of the jam will also play your game and give comments. You can also think of that as a prize if you have low enough standards.

Note that your entry might also satisfy the submission requirements of the IBM Q Quantum Game Award (deadline Dec 13th). Though this jam is being run by a judge for the IBM Q Quantum Game Award and during the time period for the IBM Q Quantum Game Award, it is not an official part of the IBM Q Quantum Game Award. It is also not affiliated with Qiskit or IBM. Submissions to this jam are not submissions to the IBM Q Quantum Game Award. Assessing whether you game qualifies for the award, and submitting it to the award, must be done separately. Join the IBM Q Awards Slack Channel to get more information.

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QWars is a qgame which is a quantum pygame...