Submissions open from 2019-03-01 23:00:00 to 2019-03-03 23:00:00
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Every year we will host four jams:
Quad Jam Summer
Quad Jam Fall
Quad Jam Winter
Quad Jam Spring

48 Hours to make a game alone or in a team around a specific theme. Made in any game engine you want.

We highly recommend joining our Official Discord server as its there we make groups and share our progress.

You can promote your game as well as ask for help with your project.

The theme will be announced at the start of the game jam (2019 March 2 00:00 GMT) will be decided by moderators

Don't be a jerk.

    You may only make your game within the time frame (although updates are allowed after the game has been submitted).

    Keep game content family friendly (no NSFW content, no excessive gore/violence, no offensive content).

    Make sure that all assets used you either own or have permission to use (don't use copyrighted material).

    Make sure that you follow the limitations given.

    Any irrelevant games to the limitations will be removed.

    Read the rules.

    Have fun

Overall: Give a rating based on the entire game

Fun: Come on, you know what that means...

Graphics: How good is the art (includes any form of aesthetics)

Sound: How good is the sound and music     

Innovation: How new thinking and unique the mechanics are.