Submissions open from 2023-04-14 19:00:00 to 2023-04-18 19:00:00
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Quad Jam is an event where you have to create a game around a theme voted by you in just 4 days. This jam runs every month on Join our discord || And subscribe to our Youtube

YAHAHA Studio is a UGC (User generated Content) Platform which allows users to make 3D Multiplayer Experiences with ease without worrying about coding and networking. Publish your game with just one click. 

YAHAHA brings 3D content creation to every creator with simple and easy tools and templates. With YAHAHA, creators are part of an exciting new social community sharing creative, fun experiences where the only limitation is your imagination. Learn More About YAHAHA.

Watch The Introduction To YAHAHA Studio:


The theme will be announced when the jam starts. You can join the discord server for discussing the theme with other members. Vote for the theme.

Following Prizes will be given to participants

  • 100$ for participants, who use YAHAHA Studio to create this jam submission.
  • 200$ for top ranked game made in the jam regardless the game engine 
  • 300$ for top ranked game made with the YAHAHA Studio.

The game will be rated upon these factors at the voting period:

  •  GAMEPLAY:  How good the feel of game is. 
  •  ENJOYMENT:  How much fun to play the game is. 
  •  UNIQUENESS:  How unique your game design and game idea is. 
  •  PRESENTATION:  How well presented your game is. 
  •  USE OF THEME:  How you incorporated the given theme. 
  •  EXTRA POINT:  Use of YAHAHA Studio for the game creation.

Please follow these rules:

  • Game Engine: You can use any game engine or framework to create a game as long as it exports to windows & web. For THIS jam, you can also use YAHAHA Studio for creating your game (Has its own benefits). 
  • Keep game content clean: No NSFW content, offensive content, excessive gore/violence.
  • Answer submission questions honestly: You will be prompted to answer a few questions when submitting your game. Please answer them to the best of your ability. Giving vague answers is a great way to set off red flags.

YAHAHA Specific Rules:

  • Submitting premade templates with no changes or minimum changes whatsoever will not result in prize distro. That means you have to create something unique following jam's theme.
  • Player Submitting Multiple games will not receive stack prizes, only the highest prize will be given!

We wish you a good luck! Waiting for your cool submissions...Signing Out!