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QaziJam is a monthly game jam that started out on QaziTV's Twitch channel. The idea is that there are no hard and fast rules or guidelines to follow, other than gearing yourself up to make a game in a short amount of time! Qazi streams the development of his jam game live at and encourage you to stream your development as well! Remember to use #qazijam whenever you do! The goals of QaziJams are to either help you get started as a gamedev or to help you get better if you already make games. No matter what you make, you'll always increase in power level after a game jam.


There Can Only Be One

Bonus Theme (optional): You're A Wizard

The themes are voted on by the QaziTV twitch community on the first day of every jam! Tune into to get in on the voting for the next jam! Feel free to integrate the bonus theme into your game for extra awesome-ness.


The rules for the jam are simple

  • Follow the theme
  • Alone or on a team
  • Premade stuff is fine
  • Any engine, any tools
  • Submit your game here in the itchio jam page by Wednesday July 12th at 3:00pm
  • You'll need an account to do all of this stuff. You can also use the #qazijam hashtag on Twitch or Twitter. If you post anywhere else, be sure to tag it with "qazijam" as well so anyone can find your progress more easily and know you're participating!

    To submit your game, just create and upload your finished game to from your Dashboard, and then it will be visible to choose as your submission for this game jam when you click the Submit button at the top of this page.
    Note: The submit button does not appear until the jam begins, but once it starts, you may submit your game at any time!


    You retain ALL rights to your creations. NO distribution rights to ANYTHING you post on this website are claimed by the admin staff or affiliates of QaziJam. You can do whatever you want with your finished game. Expand it, sell it, release it, delete it. It's up to you. That being said, be aware that all of the terms and conditions of stand on their own and must be agreed to upon creating an account and uploading games to their service.

    The organizers do request the right to use your game for purpose of publicizing the competition.

    The following paragraph should go without saying, but:
    If you used any resources within your game that you personally did not create (graphics, music, sounds, whatever), the creators of those resources retain whatever rights they originally specified when you retrieved the resources. You will also be considered a significantly better person if you provide adequate credit to the original creators within your game as well over if you do not include credit. DO NOT USE resources that you do not explicitly have permission to use or else you will be rightfully subject to the consequences of doing so.


    You just made a freaking game!!

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    Defend your empire with towers against rebel ships.
    Sell 1 specific icecream, or face the consequences!
    Role Playing
    Roguelike detective game
    Very weird short game about carousel. But what carousel is..
    QaziJam6 entry
    DropBearKarma's Qazijam6 submission