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The theme for this game jam is: Snakes

You can interpret this in any way you like. Try to create as entertaining and as unique a game as you can. You can stick as close or stray as far from the theme as you want.

If you're stuck for an idea, consider the attributes of snakes: perhaps make a game about slithering, a platformer where you need to stretch to reach each platform, or a text adventure where you are the enemy. As long as it's made in python, you can do it. If you're stuck for an idea, strike up a conversation in theme discussion, a topic in the community thread.

Remember, the game jam hasn't started yet- the period of time between now and the 4th of October is time to plan your ideas, and to create assets for your game. 

There are all these game jams which are like "Oh you should make Good games", but you know what? Who cares about stupid good games. In the true spirit of humanity, lets make the worst things possible, while still trying to make them good.

And how are we going to go around doing that you ask? Well, there is one very simple solution, that you've probably caught on to. Python.

What's so fantastically great/awful about python is that it has such a large variation of games. Some can be terrible, and some can be less so. Also, python files are cross-platform, so even people using raspberry pis can join in!

What is the point, you may ask? Well, this is a challenge, to see if you can make a decent game in python.

I'm sure that at least a few people are terribly confused and thinking what the heck python is, so I'll just direct them to the site

Starting on Friday the 4th of October, I challenge you to make a game in python. It can use libraries (some ones are linked below) or it cannot.

The theme will be revealed on the 3rd of October, so be ready.

Games should be uploaded as *.zip, unless they are a singular file in which case that is not needed. It is not necessary to turn the game into any executable, however if you do, make sure to still upload it as *.zip.

Download links:

Python download -


Pygame -

Turtle -

Pyglet -

Remember- to download python libraries use the 'pip install' command


Any previously made assets (art and music) can be used. 

Small snippets of code can be made before the jam, but it's best to avoid this.

All games must be completely made in python.

Any number of libraries can be used.

If you have any questions, ask them in the questions thread in the community tab.

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A game all about M A N G O S !
A Python game made in a weekend
Keep Your Self Afloat in the Air and make a trail across the sky.