This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-07-25 00:00:00 to 2021-08-02 00:12:00. View results

What is this jam?

Welcome to the Summer team game jam for members of the Pygame Community Discord server. This jam is for teams of people to develop/show off their game development skills with  the pygame library.

If you're not in the server, don't worry! You can join using this discord invite. You are free to join the server and the jam at any point up to the final submission deadline.


The theme of this jam has been revealed! It is : "Remake an  old game with a twist"

Rating Criteria

NOTE: The Results page of this jam shows 2 different sections called 'Overall'. The first 'Overall' section ranks the submissions by their overall scores in all other voting categories (see below), whilst the second section refers to the overall satisfaction of a voter while playing a submitted game, i.e. how much they liked it.  

The entries will be rated by the participants of the contest, in the two weeks period after the jam. The participants will cast their votes on and that will determine the final leaderboard, which will be announced on the 14th of August. Voting is anonymous and the criteria will be as follows:

  1. Overall/Satisfaction: How much you liked the game.
  2. Theme: Is the new take on the old game interesting ? Does the added mechanic fit well in the game ? Is the game original and not just a copy of a classic ? It is important that games are creative and original, so this category includes all the game design effort made by the team.
  3. Game feel: Does the game feel good ? Are the controls smooth and natural ? Is there feedback on every action ? This includes the polish of the game and the work put into making the player better immerse  into the game.
  4. Visuals: the quality of the visuals, whether they are pixel art, generated, special effects or hand drawn...
  5. Audio: the quality of the music and sound effects

So make sure to take that into account while creating your game!

In order to vote, your team members must have joined the jam and be added as Collaborators in your submission. There are four steps:

  1. Enter your game Dashboard
  2. Click More/Admins
  3. Enter the username of your teammates and click Add admin
  4. Send the agree to link to collaborator
  5. Turn on the "Contributor" toggle


  1. Solo entries are NOT allowed. Any game submitted must have been created by a team of at least 2 people. If you need teammates, ask around in the discord server ;).
  2. Submissions must be started and finished between the start of the jam and the end of the jam. Games submitted after the end of the jam will most likely not be allowed to be submitted, and games that were started before the beginning of the jam will definitely not be allowed.
  3. All entrants must primarily use Python and the pygame library to create their submission. Additional libraries, pre-existing code, and premade engines are allowed, but pygame must still be used to create the core part of the game.
  4. Music/Art/SFX made before the jam can be used, but will not go towards your rating in the Visuals/Audio rating category. Using assets made for the jam is highly encouraged. If you do uses assets that were not created for the jam, you must clearly state this on your game page.
  5.  All entrants must include a link to their source code on their submission page. Any team that does not include their source code will be contacted and asked to include it, and if they do not, then their entry will be disqualified. Executables of the game are also heavily encouraged, as they will make it easier for people to play your game, but they are not required.
What is pygame?

Pygame is a game development library for python. In case you didn't know.

If you want to see more events organised around pygame, you can support us on Patreon. The money collected will help support the costs of more events and prices. It will never be used to pay the organisers.


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Jump over spikes, slide through enemies, and avoid walls in this endless 3D runner.
They didn't forget, and they never forgive.
Snake with a twist
Help Mario find treasures in the depth
ParaPac - A multidimensional pac-man, with a few twists
A fusion between the traditionnal brick breaker and a space shooter
Battle City with a twist - an adventure game with open world and tanks.
Space invaders with cards
A man from the future defends the west from aliens!