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The idea for this jam was inspired by two of my coworkers. The idea is simple--make a game centered around a pun. Any sort of platform and any sort of design will do. It can be highly narrative, highly mechanical, whatever. This could be a twine game where all the characters only use wordplay or a first person shooter where you literally shoot the first person and then the game is over.

I do NOT want to see anything mean, any form of hate speech, anything that is meant to disparage anyone else, etc. If you have any questions, drop me an email at or tweet me @Synodai.

This jam is unranked, though my collaborator and I will probably pseudo-arbitrarily pick a winner, which will probably be the one that makes us laugh and groan the most. I'll probably tweet a link to the winner(s) once its all over.

You have two months, make something neat.

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Platformer based in a post-apocalyptic cheese world
A koala fends off orange things and eats red things.
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