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Pulp Kharma v.2 is available at 'name your own price' on ITCHIO here.  

Pulp Kharma v.2 is a game 'lite' system that is fast and easy to play. 

You may submit anything you like as long as it is based upon Pulp Kharma v.2. 

Pulp Kharma v.2 is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). This is the most open license under the Creative Commons and allows you to create content for any purpose you like as long as you provide attribution.


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Adventure-making tool to make a core of an adventure for RPG purposes
A monster creature playbook combined with an island playbook.
An Adventure Guide for GMs Designed for Pulp Kharma v.2
A simple post-scarcity setting where duelists in powersuits fight for fame.