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My annual Public Domain Game Jam is back for round 2!

It's gonna be a hard year for the public domain. Not only is nothing lapsing in America YET AGAIN and until 2019, but under the threat of the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, copyright is threatening to increase yet again, bringing works to the unthinkable copyright length of 120 years or more. Another retroactive extension could launch works that were to become public domain in the 2020's( Steamboat Willie, and by virtue of that Mickey Mouse) into the 2050's, and works that where to lapse in the 2030's(Batman Superman and Wonder Woman) into the 2060's.

Public Domain needs a saving. Public Domain needs...a Hero. That's why this years theme Public Domain Theme Jam is Public Domain Superheroes.

After all, not all superheroes are copyrighted, like Spider-Man and Batman. Many lapsed into public domain. It's not unheard of for these characters to be used in comics. However, they have otherwise dismal appearances in television, movies, and videogames.

Which is sad, because some of them have interesting powers, cool backstories, and great designs. So My challenge. So my challenge to you is as follows.

Make a game based on one or more of these characters. There is an entire Wikia for Public Domain Superheroes, so it's not like you are going to have to skim a bunch of issues. Reinventing and altering them is encouraged.If you're an indecisive type, here's a link to a random character.

I already ran a similar contest last year, however, this year I have some new things to announce:

A) Gonna make it on Gamejolt instead of just Itch.Io.

B) Now it ENDS on Public Domain day, rather than start on it. Starts December 2, ends January 1.

C)Every game receives a prize: Being showcased in The Best Geek Ever blog, with the overall best getting a video dedicated to them on Youtube.