This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-10-07 16:00:00 to 2022-10-21 16:00:00. View results

The Theme: It's not a glitch, it's a feature!

Subject to change based upon donations.

$200 - First Place
$150 - Second Place
$100 - Third Place
$50 - Fourth Place
$25 - Fifth - Tenth Place

Base Info:
All games must be compiled and ready to be played on the Sony PlayStation Portable. If your game runs in an emulator, but not the hardware, your entry will be disqualified. You are allowed to submit a game that is cross-platform. Be sure to use the #testing channel on our discord server! You can use any tool to make a game on PSP, including visual editors and prebuilt engines like RenPy, Quake, and more.

You cannot start creating your game assets or developing code* before the specified start date. 

*You are allowed to create an engine or utility library, so long as said engine or utility library does not implement your game's actual mechanics. This engine or utility library can have things that may set up components like sprite drawing, tile mapping, generic physics, etc. that can be used. An example of a disallowed engine or utility library would be in a final submission that was a flight simulator, the engine defines an object called Plane that has all or most of the features in the final version. 

Submissions will be evaluated democratically based upon the following criteria:

Adherence to Theme: Does the submission reflect the stated theme?
Creativity: How unique is a given submission?
Visual/Aesthetic Quality: Does the game have a coherent and pleasant visual theme?
Soundtrack: Does the game have a quality soundtrack (sound effects, music, etc.)?
Clarity: Does the game make it somewhat obvious what you're intended to do? (Make sure it's not confusing for an end user)
Enjoyability: How much do you personally enjoy this game?

Additional Info For Entrants:

It would be appreciated if your code was open sourced and hosted on a service like GitHub or GitLab for others to contribute to your game if they wished to continue your idea. The PSP Homebrew Community encourages open source development! Join the discord! We will set up a channel soon for the gamejam!

It'd also be nice if your projects on GitHub or GitLab were set up to be Hacktoberfest repositories! Find out more here: 

Below will be useful links, tutorials, and tools to use:


PSP Toolchain: 
Rust-PSP Toolchain:
Zig-PSP Toolchain (zig v0.8.1):
Installing Toolchains:


OneLUA (lua):
LuaPlayerPlus (lua):
StacklessPSP (python):
Scratch on PSP Block Editor:
Scratch on PSP Interpreter:


Gen7 Engine:


QuickGame API:


PSP-DEV Text Tutorials:
PSP-DEV Video Tutorials:
More Video Tutorials (including Graphics, Scratch, QuickGame): Iridescence

If you want to contribute to the funds, donate here:


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Made for RE:START ! game jam
[Check comments for hotfix!] Start an incredible adventure figuring who's the nasty creature behind all the bugs!
A little game made for the RE:Start! PSP Game Jam.
Kitty wants to escape and find a better place.
Isometric Turn Based Strategy Game
A creative open-world RPG game for PSP
Role Playing
You kill stuff. :)
The TV that glitches!
PSP game where you play as a robot with a glitchy mine sensor
Space open-world Survival Game on the PSP
A platformer about gaining inertia
A brand new 3D platformer for the Playstation Portable
A simple cross platform game prototype based on Raycasting which even runs on the PSP!
A glitchy arcade, for the RE:Start! 2022 PSP game jam
Snake + Tetris + Capitalism
A very simple game I made to learn the basics of Playstation Portable development using the QuickGame API.
Guide the data through the net to the exit node
A simple color picking game originally made by Sean M. Tracey, re-created on PSP with slight changes.
Survive the balls while collecting a high score (please read installation instructions)