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A Jam for Project ECCO Supplements, Hacks, and More!

This is a space for you to create projects inspired by the solo TTRPG Project ECCO

What is Project ECCO?

Project ECCO is a game of time travel and cosmic horror—a solo journaling game with a twist. Time travel across the pages of a planner, writing in and marking up the dates based on prompts as you go, ultimately creating an artifact of your travels through time.  Check out the full game here.


I'll be putting up resources throughout the jam to help you get your project off the ground. Including:

  • Art Assets from the original game (free to use with attribution to Elliot Davis and following the rules of this jam)
  • Device Writing Guide
  • The ECCOSYSTEM SRD (Writing this has been delayed until later this year, apologies! You are still welcome to make a hack of Project ECCO without it with the other parameters here)

I'm also available if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off of someone!


Here are some starter thoughts for what you might make:

  • A hack of Project ECCO that uses the mechanics from the original game to create a new game with an entirely new theme. Perhaps a more fantasy-themed time travel game?
  • A supplemental device (mechanic for traveling through time with prompts) that adds new prompts to Project ECCO
  • A set of additional Dates of Significance based on holidays that are significant to you but not in the base game
  • Alternate Timeline Divergence prompts 
  • Alternate Endgame prompts
  • Lore about the Entity or Agency based on your play through

Licensing & Attribution

Project ECCO is licensed under CC BY 4.0 and so you are free to distribute and charge for your project as you see fit, with attribution. 

NOTE: If your submission builds off of the Temporal Spread device, please be sure to include Samantha Leigh in your attribution.

Compatibility Logos - Available Here


  1. A submission can be anything that is inspired by Project ECCO or makes use of the mechanics within the ECCOSYSTEM SRD.
  2. This is not a ranked jam so please don't worry about the size or polish of your submission.
  3. NSFW and Adult projects are allowed but must be labeled as such. 
  4. Given the horror nature of this game, if your project contains any potentially triggering topics, I strongly encourage you to include Content Warnings.
  5. No AI art is allowed.
  6. No hate speech or bigotry of any kind. 
  7. I reserve the right to remove a project from the jam for any reason, without explanation.

Once you've submitted your project, please consider using #ECCOSystemJam on social media. Also tag me! 

@morebluebs on twitter

@moreblueberries on Instagram/Threads, TikTok, and Bluesky

Grab a Copy of Project ECCO

If you don't yet own Project ECCO, you can purchase it at a discount during the jam with code "eccosystem24" at:

Digitally (or a damaged physical copy) - 

Physically - 

If you aren't able to purchase, you can always grab a community copy

Zine Month 2024

If you're interested in turning your submission into a physical zine, I highly encourage you to check out Zine Month. This is a community led initiative to help support indie designers in their creation of zine games and supplements during the month of February.

More info at

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