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It's kinda become a meme in the RPG Maker Community to use the default assets. But here's the funny thing, we all start somewhere, and sometimes fantastic games can come from using just the simplest of assets.

So here is my challenge for you! Whether you can or can't draw/code/compose music, it doesn't matter. Just make a game!



1: This Game Jam is for ALL RPG Maker versions
2: You can not create or borrow assets. All assets -from music to sprites to tilesets- must come from what RPG Maker has already provided for you. [If your version of RPG Maker has a character creator, you are allowed to use that]
3: That being said, assets can be edited slightly [Put filters on, make things bigger or smaller, etc.] Pluse adding different fonts for text.
4: Plugins will be allowed
5. No starting your game until the Jam Starts ;)
6:  There will be a special Theme for the game, you don't have to use it, but look out for it~
7: This Jam is just for Fun, so...Have Fun!!


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Magic has accidentally been unleashed into the world! Time to become heroes and protect the new deity!
Role Playing
A "Demo" for what you can do with the default assests of RPG Maker
Visual Novel