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Progression Mechanics 2017 Conference at Northwestern University presents:

"The Noncharted Territory" Game Jam @ The Garage

New ideas in any discipline are described as breaking into uncharted territory; moving into new worlds, mapping them, mastering them, and then moving onto the next. In the same vein, many games offer the chance to explore and master the world around you.

How does one explore new territory in emerging media while allowing it to be unknown and unresolved? What about games where you are supposed to get lost? How long can you dwell in unfamiliar spaces without orientation? What can you learn from swimming through a mystery before the part where its solved? This game jam challenges you to make a game (using any tool you choose) about moving through non-charted territory and discovering what happens when you leave the map-making tools behind.

Participants can work in groups or as individuals. Reach out to a Progression Mechanics conference associate if you need help getting teamed up with a group!

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A 4-player scavenger hunt about exploring unfamiliar creases in familiar expanses.
A dungeon crawler where you can't remember where you've been.
The fires of hell, right in your basement!
what is?
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Get missiles and fight your opponent :)