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Welcome to the Procrastination Jam!

This is a jam that lasts "two weeks." What's the catch? You're only allowed to work on it for two days in those two weeks: The day you join the jam (or the day it starts if you joined it early) and the last day the jam is open to submissions. Outside this time period, you should not be coding, drafting, sketching, taking down notes, or actively planning anything related to your submission. These restrictions are meant to simulate how procrastinators like me work on things.

If you break these rules, it's not a big deal and I don't really care. I made this jam as a joke anyway, so there's no need to take anything seriously.

(Also, you might notice I never said this is a "game" jam. You could submit literally anything and it would be fine.)

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A short, surreal, minimalistic game about creating a game.
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random abstract visual toy
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Adventure puzzle for the procrastination game jam.
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