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You're procrastinating too much? You're to lazy to work consistently? You want to improve? Join this Jam!

How does this work, you ask? Oh, you don't? Let's just pretend you do.

You have 2 weeks to make a game (16.10. 6pm CEST - 31.10. 6pm CEST). In this time try to make a game with as little as possible procrastinating. Submit your result and rate others (also try not to procrastinate). You can work in a team or solo.

As for the theme, it's not required, but there is an additional rating criteria called Theme. The theme is Procrastination.

Is this all there's to it? No.

During the 2 weeks don't just make a game. Develop strats to procrastinate less, develop strats for time management and most importantly, have fun.

As a developer you can tweet your progress with #ProcrJam Also tweet your anti-procrastination strats, so others can shamelessly steel them use them as well and potentially improve.

Of course, all YouTubers are welcome and if you decide to make a series on this jam, make sure to tweet #ProcrJam as well

For any potential updates follow me on Twitter @pi_pi314 (I also tweet game dev stuff there)

Criteria explained:

Overall - How the game is overall

Theme - How the game makes use of the theme

Gameplay - How fun it is to play the game

Originality - How original the game is

Graphics, Audio - Self-explanatory

Extras - Any fun extras in the game: easter eggs, achievements, gimmicks, references to pop culture

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Megaman-inspired platformer taking place in a kid's backyard. #procrjam
Role Playing