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IMPORTANT! Finished late? Need a few extra days? Don't worry! Just tweet @mtrc and let him know, and he'll send you a late submission link to submit your game and be part of the jam! :)

Make Something That Makes Something!

#procjam is a game jam about making stuff that makes other stuff - come and join in this November with a relaxed, friendly jam, a cool day of streaming talks from awesome people, and some free procedural art packs to help you make something that makes something! Find out more at

There are two ways to enter:

  • Make a game/nongame/artgame/thing/tool/toy/experiment/art piece with procedural generation in it. Maybe a Twine adventure with randomised character personalities? Maybe an action-RPG where each player gets their own procedural theme tune? Maybe an old-fashioned world-generator for a strategy game? Create a game for #procjam and include a procedural twist in there somewhere.
  • Make a tool that generates stuff. We already have amazing tools like sound effect generator SFXR, music generation like Abundant Music, or random sprite-grabbers like Spritely. What other tools could we make to help people generate cool things for the games they make? Maybe a corporation generator for cyberpunk cities? A tool for generating alien alphabet fonts? A library that automatically generates enemy ships for space shooters?

Whatever you make, let us know what you're up to! Tweet with the hashtag #procjam and don't forget to submit your game to the jam using this page when you're done.

Find us on Twitter and our new official website!

Last year we hosted an amazing day of talks from procedural generation experts and streamed it live around the world. You can catch up on the amazing talks from last year right here - and we're delighted to announce we're doing the same this year too! To start the jam off we're going to be livestreaming a day of talks from procedural generation experts on YouTube. Get inspired, learn some tricks, and get motivated for a week of jamming by hearing talks about music, world generation, cutting-edge research and more!

Our speakers for this year :

  • Tom Betts (Big Robot Games)
  • Kate Compton (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks (Hitpoint Games, Hahstag Dungeon)
  • Allison Parrish (Fordham University)
  • Dan Stubbs (The Hit)
  • Tommy Thompson (Table Flip Games, University of Derby)
  • thricedotted

Our talk day was super fun and you can watch the talks to get inspiration! Click here to view them.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch on Twitter: @mtrc