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#procjam is a jam about making stuff that makes other stuff - come and join in this November with a relaxed, friendly jam and some free procedural art packs to help you make something that makes something! Find out more at

There are two ways to enter:

  • Make a game/nongame/artgame/thing/tool/toy/experiment/art piece with procedural generation in it. Maybe a Twine adventure with randomised character personalities? Maybe a theme-tune generator for characters (or for everyday situations demanding a theme tune)? Maybe an old-fashioned world-generator for a strategy game? Create something for #procjam and include a procedural twist in there somewhere.
  • Make a tool that helps people by making things. We already have amazing tools like sound effect generator SFXR, music generation like Abundant Music, or random sprite-grabbers like Spritely. What other tools could we make to help people generate cool things for the things they make? Maybe a corporation generator for cyberpunk cities? A tool for generating alien alphabet fonts? An inventor of crafting recipes or tile patterns to decorate a world?

Whatever you make, let us know what you're up to! Tweet with the hashtag #procjam and don't forget to submit your work to the jam using this page when you're done. Find us on Twitter and our new official website!

PROCJAM is designed to help everyone take part. Here are some things you need to know:

  • You can start early, or finish late. The dates are there really as guidelines to let you know when other people will be jamming. Some people can only work on weekends, some people can only take an evening here or there. Last year I spent four weekends instead of jamming through the official days. Do what works for you - let us know if you need a late submission code.
  • If you think it's a PROCJAM entry, it is. Don't worry if it's a game, or if it's really art, or if it's 'proper' procedural generation (that doesn't exist). If you made something and want to share it with us, please submit it!
  • We love physical entries. We've had paper-and-pen entries before, so don't feel left out if you have a non-digital idea! will still accept the submission too - send us screenshots or printouts!
  • Every entry has a place here. Some people submit complex works of art that they needed decades of experience to create. Other people submit their very first procedural project here. Our community is friendly and welcoming, and we're excited to see everything that you make!

Plus! A day of talks from fantastic speakers, streamed live online! Every year we host a day of talks about generative things from games, art and beyond, and we stream them live online and record them for afterwards, so you can get inspired ready for the jam! This year our talks day will be October 21st and held at Falmouth University in Cornwall. For more details on the talks, keep an eye on this page, or follow @procjam on Twitter.

Speakers Announced!

We've announced our eight speakers for the October 21st launch talks! You can read the full post on our blog here, but for a quick speaker summary, here they are:

  • Gabriella Barros - PhD Student, NYU
  • Joris Dormans - Games Scholar & Designer, Ludomotion Games
  • Becky Lavender - Game Developer, Playtonic Games
  • Mark Nelson - Senior Researcher, The Metamakers Institute
  • Emily Short - Game & Narrative Designer
  • Tanya Short - Creative Director, Kitfox Games
  • Adam Summerville - PhD Student, UC Santa Cruz
  • Jamie Woodcock - Research Fellow, London School of Economics
It's going to be a terrific day! We'll be live on YouTube from around 1pm UK time (GMT+1). Tune in, or catch the recorded videos afterwards!