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Make a Procedural Generation game. This could mean from making a game that generates the levels to a game that generates a story.

You can make your game be literally anything as long as it has some form of Procedural Generation in it.

You can submit as many games as you like, but one really good game is better than two average games.

It can be 2d, 3d, pixelart, voxelart, cartoon, realistic... It can be anything really...

Here's some ideas to get you going:

Procedural character creation, with a random story and different abilities for each character.

Procedural dungeons, with procedural explosions and guns.

Procedural First Person Shooter, with random weapons and an infinite amount of enemies.

Procedural hair dresser, where each customer has a random hair style.

Procedural space shooter, where each bullet you shoot is completely different to the last one you shot.

Procedural match three, with no two rounds being the same.

Procedural board game, like chess or checkers.

Procedural word generator or sentence generator.

Procedural music or sound generator.

Hopefully the above will help you get an idea of what to make. Try combining some of the examples and you might see something you like.

How the games will be judged:

The games are judged on how much Procedural Generation is in it and how fun it is.

So if you had a really, really fun game, but barely and Procedural Generation in it, you probably wouldn't win. Whereas on the other hand, if you had a game with a lot of Procedural Generation in it, but it wasn't that fun, you probably wouldn't win.

Hopefully this has inspired you to make a Procedural Generation game.

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Generate music with cellular automata!
dodge the spheres and survive
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Prog-gen dungeons with items to find and zombies to fight
Unique Spooky Cave shooter with monsters and other cuhrezi stuff