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Usually, games made for game jams are just a few minutes long, with not much replay value. The goal of this game jam, is to make a game that uses randomness or procedural generation to achieve a more interesting and unique gameplay, that's worth replaying.

The biggest challenge may be to focus on quality instead of quantity.  Randomness can often lead to boring, repetitive or even bad gameplay. The goal is to make an interesting and high quality game that uses the random element in unique ways.


  • The game that can be made doesn't need to use procedural generation but something that has to do with "random".
  • Avoid making something casual like an endless runner or platformer, and try to use the random element in unique ways!
  • Manage your time. Start from a prototype and build up form there!


  • Use randomness. Other than that no specific theme.
  • You are allowed to use art and music assets but the code involving the "random" has to be written after the jams beginning.
  • All the games will be rated in 4 categories. Randomness, Quality, Replayability, and Fun. No price, just have fun!
  • The jam lasts 2 weeks, and you have one more week to rate games, after its end.
  • Plan the game, but don't start working on it until the jam begins. Teams are allowed.

Game jam starting day: 2017-07-04  18:00 UTC
Submission day: 2017-07-18  18:00 UTC (2 weeks time)
Rating ends: 2017-07-26  00:00 UTC (1 week after the submission deadline)

Have fun, be creative!


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first person roguelike dungeon crawler
Role Playing
Survive waves of attacking skeletons with modifiers that change the way you play.
Randomly generated rogue-something
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Hunting game
The zombie uprising now in the terminal
Boys boys boys !
Browse a procedurally-generated galaxy of a thousand systems
Run in browser
Fighting Skeletons, One Fireball At A Time.
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A Cooking Game for Cats!