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let's rewrite d&d from scratch, from memory. 

take a piece you remember, like armor class, magic missiles, encumbrance, how much an electrum is worth, how to spell "Faerun," anything. rewrite it, however you want. what if the stats for a goblin were a poem? THAC0 as a song? 

submissions can be the form of anything: text, video, song, image, voice memo, game-inside-a-game, anything. 

pick one discrete part to rewrite, altho if you want to rewrite every d&d fourth edition feat, feat your heart out. 

at the end, we'll stitch the beautiful mess together

after the jam, i'll compile the submissions and fashion our d&d frankenstein into a digital zine, free to everyone, so we can look on in horror at our prismatic corpse.

this jam runs from june 1st to july 1st.


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generate a walking shitpost in the form of a 5e character
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
a treatise on planar metaphysics for the prismatic corpse dnd rewrite
a d20 with no numbers
a game show one shot and reimagining of D&D monsters to kiss
A guide to running the classic D&D dungeon and make your players understand what true power means.
Nearly bringing the timeless classic monsters back for 5E!