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This game is organized by Sula Feet Studios and the Print & Play Club
Sula Feet Studios:
Print & Play Club:
Welcome to the first Print & Play game jam!
The only requirement is that it is a Print & Play game and it must be made by you.
- Price doesnt matter!
- Size doesnt matter!
- Language doesnt matter!
Any questions?
You can ask for help on the Print & Play Club discord server:


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A letter-writing game about creating animal friends, a peaceful island home, and heartfelt messages.
A creative judgement card game, where players must suggest inconvenient companions for unexpected destinations.
Membres après membres, ces monstres prennent formes, par emboîtements successifs : des monstres existent parmi vous.
A printable geographic coordinates search game.
Its the beginning of a new era, tribes are spreading everywhere, will you gain control or fade into history?
In Rebels! your role is to be the country government and prevent rebels from gaining independence.