Submissions open from 2019-08-31 23:00:00 to 2019-09-08 11:00:00
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Potluck game jam involves jammer contribution where jammers can suggest themes to be added into a theme collection, a pot of themes. It is a game jam with 3 themes to add variety. Jammers don't have to attempt all the themes for their game but can do any combination of them.


Users submit themes through a google form with their discord tag. The form is closed 2 days before the jam starts and submitted themes are moderated along with any duplicates removed.

A numbered list is then published, and we randomly generate numbers in the discord channel and match the numbers up to decide the themes.


  • You can only develop the game throughout the Jam. Old code can be reused as long as it is for convenience rather than for main game mechanics i.e managing entities. Libraries are allowed and free asset store assets are allowed only if the team does not have an artist. If the jam possibly becomes ranked in future this may change.
  • Racist/Transphobic/Xenophobic/Sexist games are not acceptable. We have the right to remove any game that seems unethical from the itch submissions. Protected characteristics are not to be made fun of.
  • You cannot use content that is stolen or is ripped from a game (content with no-license or without permission).
  • Any framework/engine/tool/language is permitted as long as every theme chosen isn't related to only using x framework/lang etc (unlikely as duplicates will be removed)
  • Be respectful to other individuals in the jam.
  • No NSFW


There will be a £20 Steam gift card along with 10 keys for various games up for grabs in the Discord for jammers and promoters. Big thanks to Dr.Gore (@Dr_Mr_Gore) for providing the game keys to extend the giveaway. It will be held on a giveaway channel on the discord. You don't have to participate in the jam to be involved in the giveaway but some decent form of involvement is required. You need to be on the discord to be eligible as I will be using a giveaway bot.



If you feel you want to contribute to the pot but not the jam. The google forms for the pot can be found here: