Submissions open from 2020-07-13 05:00:00 to 2020-07-28 04:59:59
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Mission Statement

The police system in the United States is a tool of oppression. How will society look after the dissolution of the police system, and how would a new system address the problems of our society? What logistical difficulties and moral quandaries will we meet along the way?

We invite artists, designers, and thinkers to imagine how society would function without police and to create a game or interactive experience. By imagining futures, we create models for futures that we want to achieve. The goal of this jam is to further ongoing collaboration within the game design world for creators searching for a just society. 

This challenge is game-focused, but we encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and varying media. Board games, role-playing games, video games, experimental games, games with a non-game component. We welcome diverse backgrounds, seek to create a space of mutual support, and wish to serve as a platform for underrepresented groups to find other thinkers.


After the two-week period, there will be a feedback session where featured thinkers will give feedback on a few of their favorite games. Then, submissions will remain open for any participants to refine and rework their submissions. The challenge will be live from Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 24, and the feedback session will be on Monday, July 27.

PPDC is led by students who advocate for games and new media as powerful tools for imagination and expression, especially for underrepresented communities dismantling white supremacy.