This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-05-04 22:00:00 to 2018-05-07 04:00:00. View results

What's new Jammers! Welcome to the Post Grind Jam #3!


Create any playable experience over the weekend, hopefully taking your mind off your typical 9-5 grind.  A great way to receive positive feedback and encouragement as you continue to pursue your passion for creating games.

Theme:    LIGHT


  • Please keep your content less than M...for sexually explicit, gore, or offensive content.
  • Teams are encouraged. Feel free to checkout the Community or the Discord Channel.
  • Use only the assets you create during the game jam session.
  • Use any game engine you like. 
    •  Please provide an executable file or .zip in the submission, unless it plays on the web.
  • If you're active on Twitter, please use the hashtag #PGJam to show what you've been working on.
  • Play nice & have fun!

Note: Rules may change as I continue to develop a weekly or bi-weekly jam. Please check back for updates prior to the jam session.


I'm working on some more possible prizes. Currently, the winning game will be featured on the official Post Grind Jam page and linked to the winning profile. I'm working on a YouTube channel where I plan to dive into game submissions each week and feature the most popular game as well as the games that were most playable.


Please work as a team, if needed, and have each team member sign up for the jam. Teams can be organized or found in the Community section or the Discord Channel.


After submission, anyone can vote. New uploads of updates will be locked until the voting period has ended.

  • Theme
  • Artwork
  • Game Design
  • SFX & Music


I strongly urge everyone to provide feedback, regardless if you vote. I feel this is the best way to keep developers encouraged and continuing to provide creative, enjoyable content. Please keep the feedback positive and informative, but don't hesitate to point out bugs and areas of improvement.


Feel free to post in the Community or checkout the Discord Channel.

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High intensity game, watch your resource and get to the end!
Prototype for a lantern-bearing game
Play in browser
Become a high energy light wave!
Play in browser
Tec-Demo for an idea I had :/
A light typescript platformer. Made in 48 hrs for Post Grind Jam #3
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