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Positive Play brings together aspiring game designers, public health students, sexual health experts, and gender-equity organizations to explore positive depictions of sex and sexuality through games. Participants in this two-day jam (March 24-25th) will work collaboratively to develop games with learning outcomes related to one of the following topics: sex positivity, LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity, consent, and destigmatizing sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections.


Guest speakers include representatives from Canadian Public Health AssociationNo More (The Campaign to End Domestic Violence & Sexual Assualt), as well as co-founders of the Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC)

Briefing Materials


Essays, criticism, and scholarship on sex, sexuality, and games.

Game dev assets

ASCC's presentation + additional resources

LGBTQ2S+ Resources

Game archives categorized according to LGBTQ2S+ content.


Examples of games that address sex and sexuality in a positive, provocative, and/or productive way.

Additional Resources 

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