This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-10-25 19:00:00 to 2019-10-30 19:00:00. View results

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This ScoreSpace game-jam will run from 12PM Friday October 25th until 12PM on Monday the 28th (PST)

If you have any questions you can contact us here

The theme is... THE 80's!!!

ScoreSpace x Polycade is an event that combines high-score games from ScoreJam with Polycade's new age arcade machines.

The jam starts with the game developers. Their job is to create a game for a Polycade machine within a 72 hour period. Once the time is up, there is a three day judging period in which the games are judged by the jam participants. The top three games are then played by the people who attend the Polycade event live in LA.

Polycade is a wall mounted arcade that plays modern and classic games. The goal for the Polycade players is to get a highscore in one of the top three games from the jam. Once the timer runs out the player who achieves the highest score in each game wins. Winners will receive a limited edition ScoreSpace x Polycade shirt.

All games must include a leaderboard system (offline or online) so that the players can compete for the highscore if you happen to win the contest.

You can make the game on your own or in a team of up to 4 people. You can find other people to team up with on our Discord.

All game engines (and frameworks) are allowed!

Games that are NSFW should have a warning in the description or when the game first loads up.

You and your team should make everything from scratch during the event. If you use any pre-made assets you must list them in the description of the game.

All games submitted must follow Polycade's requirements (see below)

- Windows 10
- Games must fullscreen (1920 x 1080)
- Controls must be compatible with the panel, which is recognized by their PC as two Xbox controllers and one mouse:!hc-what-do-all-the-buttons-do

- Hardware is a GTX 1650 and Athlon 240GE, so it should be able to run whatever.

The games will be chosen by developers who participated in the jam, Polycade staff , and the ScoreSpace staff.

The Developer's Choice is the award that is given to the developers top rated game from the jam. The developers vote based on the categories below. (1st)

  • Gameplay: How did the game flow, did it have tight controls, what was your experience while playing
  • Theme: How well did the entry stick to the theme, did you like their interpretation of it
  • Aesthetics: How well does the game utilize its visual style and how appealing is it
  • Sound: How well does the music and sound contribute to the game

The Polycade Choice is the game that Polycade staff thinks will be the most fun to play on the polycades. (2nd)

The ScoreSpace Choice is the favorite game among ScoreSpace staff. (3rd)

The developers that made the top 3 games will be made an announcement video that will be uploaded to the ScoreSpace YouTube.

Winners will receive a special discord role in the ScoreSpace discord server.

The top 3 games also get their game played for high-scores on Polycades in Los Angeles at Angel City Brewing,  and in New York at Wonderville NYC!!

Be sure to join our discord to stay updated and ask any questions that you may have!

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An 80s arcade game inspired by Tetris and Arkanoid.
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A Retro Arcade style 2D sidescrolling beat 'em up!
Play Simon's sounds a beat after him!
Stealth 2D topdown arcade with leaderboard. A game about little girl in hospital
pacman type 3D FPS
A procedural dungeon-crawler dominantly inspired by Gauntlet from 1985.
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