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The frozen wilderness surrounding the North (and South) Pole have always been a never-ending source of mystery. Many brave explorers died in trying to uncover their secrets.

And yet... there are very few works of Interactive Fiction which use the polar regions as a setting! Something needs to be done in order to fix this deplorable situation. Hence... this jam.

If you need inspiration:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Interactive Fiction?


Q: Can I use Twine (or are you a die-hard parser redneck?)

A: No problem whatsoever!

Q: Are inaccurate depictions of the polar regions prohibited?

A: Artistic licence is allowed. Up to a point. (The basic properties have got to be left intact: the polar regions are cold, icy, etc... but if you put penguins at the North Pole and polar bears at the South Pole, I won't make a fuss.)

EDIT: The end date has been changed. The game jam will now finish on July 16th, which happens to be Roald Amudnsen's birthday.


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A polar explorer's diary. What was left of it, anyway.
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