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the indie tabletop twitter shitposting community needs you!
please present:

your worst trashfire of a game, in poem format


your worst trashfire of a poem, in game format.

AND IT IS NOT FUCKING ALLOWED TO BE ANY GOOD. IT SHOULD PROBABLY FEEL ICKY TO READ OR PLAY. JUST LIKE LOOKING AT THIS PAGE LAYOUT. the more polished your work is normally, the worse this should be. i can't stress this enough.

submissions should NOT be priced bc they should not be worth anyone's money. shoot for twines or pdfs mostly. no video games.

consider this an excuse for catharsis.
don't try. burn the dinner. let the thing be bad.


POEM HAM NOW is the fault of @fencedforest, @infinitemao and @waveechocave, on account of this fucking thread.
page aesthetic inspired by the fashion choices of one Mako Trig. (but only one of them.)

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A short poem made from my game design document for the "Poem Ham Now" Jam
A solo writing game about poetry and survival.
A shitpost poem for TTRPG