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Welcome to a new game jam, PlixerJam! I great you to the game jam as well as everyone else. This jam is for everyone, any game engine, anywhere.

So I guess you clicked on this jam because of the style or just the title perhaps?  Cant well if you can guess by the title this jam is about pixel art. If you don't know what that is look at the Style info below, as it will never change. There is a theme though, if you want to know more about it scroll down to the Theme. 

Why I desided to make this you may also ask? I wanted to make this because my favorite style of art is Pixel Art, we all could guess that or I probably wouldn't be hosting this jam. I can develop games as well, you can check them out in my profile, but trust me there not the best.

Also try to keep the games viewer content under rated (R) and try to keep your work rated for everyone.

[STYLE] As I said the style will never change and it will always be the same, "Pixel Art."

[THEME] "Survival, and Defense" yes I said survival my favorite theme for games, PixelArt, Defense But remember for the "PlixerJam" the theme will always change.

Examples for the theme:

1. Trying to stay alive, Building or moving things for shelter.

2. Shooter- kill to keep you awake or alive, live in a house.

3.  Avoid creatures, objects, nature or human disasters.

Those are my examples they might or not be good, or just be creative and do your own thing.

[Prizes] Sorry but there are no prizes, the reason for that is because, 1. first jam, 2. don't have the money.  Truly sorry dev's.

Remember the voting ends for public or everyone on the end of 2018-11-15.

Good Luck!

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Can you rebuild the ship to make it off this island alive?
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