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There are many ways to play a game and they require many different types of energies. Sometimes you don't have enough of the energy needed for a specific game.  Constant improvisation might be exhausting. Having to deal with your own feelings might be draining. Being drawn to close to a story might be too intense.

We feel that there is a space in this community of vibrant and inventive designers for pleasant dreams, kind rituals and low-stakes games. 

Let these games be for those who are out of spoons, who aren't in a space to be emotionally taxed, who had a stressful day and want most to relax or indulge in fantasy.

This jam is for these  games.


  • Lessen the stress of improvisation
  • Make a fantasy meant only to be pleasant
  • Let players detach themselves from the story
  • Build in room for decompression
  • Make rituals of relaxation and closure
  • Make a game that integrates into someone's daily life
  • PLEASE NOTE: It's totally ok if your game is still draining for some people. This jam is about finding ways to be less draining, don't put to much pressure on yourself to be perfect.


Some games that we consider Pleasant Dreams include:


  • This jam sees itself as part of SwordDream. For some loose principles that might go along with that look up the DreamJam.
  • Feel free to submit WIP, unfinished works, and things you've started or completed before the jam. 
  • On the other hand, please don't use this jam as a promotional space for unrelated works.
  • If at all possible, include plain-text, audiobook, or otherwise multiply accessible versions of your work. 
  • Have warnings and precautions for your game (both on its main page and in the game itself) and safety tools, if it includes any material that may be considered adult or sensitive.
  • Games promoting racism, sexism, homophobia, colorism, ableism, fascism, transphobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, or other bigotry or hatred towards marginalised groups will be removed from the jam.

Pleasant Dream Jam will run from  Dec. 1st through Jan. 31st due to popular demand, the jam has been extended until Feb. 28th! Happy jamming!

It is hosted by Sascha Moros (@SylphOfWhispers), and udernation (@udernation) and Dee Pennyway (@DeePennyway). Feel free to reach out on twitter or in the community tab with any questions, and be sure to use the tag #PleasantDreamJam when you share your work.


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be a giant. jump between strange planets and stars. help the tiny people you meet along the way.
what will you do in humanity's twilight?
Excited robots discovering their relationship to themselves and the post-Anthropocene
A collection of self-care exercises
a kid-friendly, non-violent basic TTRPG in a utopian fantasy setting
CYOA solo game of pleasant daydream of cosmic grandmom
A Ritual for Big Dreamers and Bigger Hearts
A pleasant dream where you make friends with a monster
An asynchronous game to be played in the quiet room of a convention or conference.
Visit the Friendporium,
 a fantastical rescue shelter
 specializing in unusual animals!
You there! Take a moment to relax.
Interactive Fiction
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a sticker book rpg
A small catharsis game about clearing off snowy roads.
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