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Welcome to PlayJam!

PlayJam is a Playdate game jam where you get one weekend  to make a game for the  Playdate.  A small, yellow, handheld console with a popout  crank giving developers a brand new way to control their games. Learn more at

Feel free to share any Playdate tools, libraries, anything here.


The Theme

Just Out of Sight


  • All entries MUST run on a Playdate console or the Playdate simulator
  • All entries MUST be SAFE FOR WORK
  • You may submit as many games as you want with teams of as many as you want
  • Submissions MAY NOT promote discriminatory views such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc 
  • Submissions MUST be free or have a free jam version available

Your Job

You will get  ONE weekend to make a Playdate game with the theme that will be voted on in my Discord server. You can also suggest themes there. Your game (or games) will be rated in 3 categories:

  • FUN - How fun was the game?
  • CREATIVITY - How far did you go with the theme ? How does your game stand out from the rest?
  • USE OF CONSOLE - How well did you use the limitations of the console? The crank? The 1-bit screen?

Once the submission period ends there will be one more week to rate games. This is a pretty chill jam so if you're slightly late to submit, DM PossiblyAxolotl#2180 on  Discord and I can get you in.

Previous Winners

More info

You DO NOT need a Playdate to participate. You can develop and play Playdate games on your computer with the Playdate simulator.

You can use  ANY pre-made assets in your games as long as you credit them when submitting and the majority of your game was made during the jam.

This jam is hosted by PossiblyAxolotl


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The #PlayDate Rhythm Game with a Twist!
A PlayJam 3 entry about homelessness
An artifact is just out of sight... why not dig for it!
A small game about saving Elves from a horrible laser death.
Small attempt at something for PlayJam3. First time using the Playdate SDK.
Chapter 1 - submitted for Playjam3
Interactive Fiction
A game jam game where you have to spot the squid before they get you.
Deliver pizza to clowns to support your caffeine addiction and stalk the giant!
A café memory puzzle game for the Playdate!
Bacterium catalog game for the playdate
A Pulp Playdate Playjam 3 game.
Submission into the Playjam 3
Playjam 3 submission with @jdegrazia
Experimental music-making on the Playdate