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Hello and welcome to the 1. Pixel Weekend Jam!


The goal is to create a playable pixel art game in two days. It doesn't have to be finished, two days are not a long time. Just make something fun!


- Follow the theme (see below).
- Use only pixel graphics.
- Make the graphics yourself.
- Don't include any 18+ contents.
- Do not infringe copyright laws.
- Don't do anything that would get you in legal trouble.
- Your game must be free to download (until the voting period has ended)
- Have fun!


If you win you can publish your game as "Winner of the 1. Pixel Weekend Jam" and your game will be mentioned on the official PixelWeekendJam-Page.


When the voting period has started everyone can vote your game.


- Pixel Art
- Fun
- Mechanics
- Fits the jams theme


The Theme is . . . STONE! (You can interpret this as you want)


Feel free to create a new topic in the community.


- Make sure that you have at least a windows or browser playable version of your game!

- Post to twitter with hashtag #PixelWeekendJam

- During the voting period you can't upload a newer version of your game!

Have Fun!

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"As a Tower Defense Tactician, you are called upon to prepare all sorts of castles..."
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A witch plants crystals in a dark and dingy cave!
An endless runner from a massive boulder! Watch out for the logs along your path.
Beat your friends and detroy as many meteroids as possible!
Silly little game where you run away from boulders.
Based on the Pokémon gen4 minigame!
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Play as a sorcerer and petrify things to advance in this little puzzle-platformer
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