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Hello and welcome to the 1. Pixel Weekend Jam!


The goal is to create a playable pixel art game in two days. It doesn't have to be finished, two days are not a long time. Just make something fun!


- Follow the theme (see below).
- Use only pixel graphics.
- Make the graphics yourself.
- Don't include any 18+ contents.
- Do not infringe copyright laws.
- Don't do anything that would get you in legal trouble.
- Your game must be free to download (until the voting period has ended)
- Have fun!


If you win you can publish your game as "Winner of the 1. Pixel Weekend Jam" and your game will be mentioned on the official PixelWeekendJam-Page.


When the voting period has started everyone can vote your game.


- Pixel Art
- Fun
- Mechanics
- Fits the jams theme


The Theme is . . . STONE! (You can interpret this as you want)


Feel free to create a new topic in the community.


- Make sure that you have at least a windows or browser playable version of your game!

- Post to twitter with hashtag #PixelWeekendJam

- During the voting period you can't upload a newer version of your game!

Have Fun!

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A witch plants crystals in a dark and dingy cave!
"As a Tower Defense Tactician, you are called upon to prepare all sorts of castles..."
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Based on the Pokémon gen4 minigame!
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An endless runner from a massive boulder! Watch out for the logs along your path.
Silly little game where you run away from boulders.
Play as a sorcerer and petrify things to advance in this little puzzle-platformer
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