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Welcome to the first ever Pixel Nightmare Game Jam! 

In this game jam, people will have four months to create their pixel horror game! The pixel horror genre is a fascinating one, as pixels oftentimes make it hard to make a proper horror game. But it pushes the boundaries of the art form, giving people a chance to explore different types of horror as well as improving their art and story-telling abilities. And, with a lack of the Pixel Horror Game Jam this year, I hope that this game jam can offer people a chance to try their hand at making a game in this genre!

For this jam, you're not required to start working on your game at the start time; if you have a project that you've been working on already, or want to get a head-start on graphics or the story, you're welcome to start whenever you want!

The rules for the game jam are simple:

Where should I start?

Looking for a team? Use the Community Forums to recruit teammates or see if anyone's looking for teammates!

Make sure you post about your game in the community forums too to promote your project! You're also encouraged to post about it on twitter, tumblr, and any other social media sites you feel like talking about it on! If you post it on tumblr, please make sure you link back to the game jam's tumblr page!

Make sure you follow the game jam's tumblr, and if you have any questions, feel free to send some asks in! I'll do my best to answer things!

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June 18th, 2007
Play in browser
Collect four Orbs to shine light on the haunting shadows
Play in browser
Halloween Game
Role Playing
a 2D side-scrolling survival-horror game in pixel style
The ultimate experience in science fiction terror.