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Pirate Jam 2018 will sail between Lanta Old Town and Krabi Boat Lagoon aboard a fleet of sailboats and catamarans. 

Developers from Freelives, Devolver, Epic, and Unity3D will join the crew of pirates and make games on a TBD theme.

Pirate Jam 2017 hosted 6 developers aboard two sailboats for 7 days. That was just the start... 

Pirate Jam 2018 will see 30+ developers aboard 6 sailboats for 8 days of swimming, sailing, coding, and fun!

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Let your hair down and run through the wind
Navigate a rubbish driver to escape a giant cow invasion
Fix tattoos, share with friends.
Play in browser
Character find the path for success in Mazz.
Activate Brain Cells! Stop the Lizard Brain!
One Hero. One Hacker. Many interventions.
The Dude vs. Demon Baby
Stop gun violence one bullet at a time!
To negotiate or to repress, that is the question.