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I woke up this morning and I swore I had seen a text adventure game jam that had the theme "rococo" and "pink" but clearly I had dreamed it, so sometimes you got to make your own dreams happen, so behold: we have the #RosecocoJam 


  1. Game must integrate the color pink and the rococo time period somewhat. It doesn't need to be a huge thing in the game, but it needs to be there or the inspiration or something. I'm also a little open with rococo in terms of time period, if you want to be more Marie Antoinette-y, that's fine too. I just like the style and silhouette and that's what I'm imagining but once again, it's open. 
  2. It can be any type of game, physical or digital. I like both and it would be cool to see how it's interpreted in different genres. (If possible, I would love for it to be browser playable or at least accessible on all computer types. For example, if it's a windows only game I personally won't be able to play it, but I know other people can, so I won't stop you, but it would be nice. )
  3. Safe for work only. No NSFW games, but PG-13 is fine. 
  4. Attach appropriate trigger warnings to your work if necessary. 
  5. This is intended to be a safe jam , so if your game punches down on marginalized groups in any way, it's not welcome in this jam. I don't accept any discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, etc. If I see any content that seems to go against this rule, I may take any action I deem appropriate, including removing them from the jam.

General Information/Food for Thought:

Rococo from Wikipedia:

Rococo (/rəˈkoʊkoʊ/also US: /ˌroʊkəˈkoʊ/), less commonly roccoco or Late Baroque, is an exceptionally ornamental and theatrical style of architecture, art and decoration which combines asymmetry, scrolling curves, gilding, white and pastel colors, sculpted molding, and trompe l'oeil frescoes to create surprise and the illusion of motion and drama. It is often described as the final expression of the Baroque movement.

Good vibe suggestions: 

Synonyms for Pink: rose, rosy, coral, pinkish, blush, ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, ruddy, flush, blush, salmon, flower

Suggestions for Online, fairly easy to learn engines:

There's also physical games, and if you'd like to make a small zine on a super interesting tool, I'd recommend ELECTRIC ZINE MAKER.  I'm not the most well versed on the best way to develop physical games, but if you'd want inspiration, I recommend checking out all the amazing physical games on itch.

So yeah, that's the jam! Let me know if you have any questions 🌸


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this is not a game for anyone, not moons nor crows nor you
A game of writing love letters in the French Rococo period
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