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Take pong and make it something new and creative, like; Audio-Pong, Pong 3D, Text Adventure Pong, Circle Pong, a Pong Chatbot or Pong-VR. Everything goes, but keep the pong formula. You can let your version stand out through beautiful art assets, alternative input methods (breath-Pong), story or technical feats. All the games get exhibited at Schaustelle Vienna to be played and show the many things this game can become and what an impact it had on all following games, like Breakout.

If you already made a cool, cyberpunk, film-noir, fps-pong, you dont have to make a new one for this jam, just submit your finished game ;)

The games can be single or multiplayer but should be playable offline.

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A Pong implementation for PICO-8 Fantasy Console, written in LUA
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