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What the heck, a few of us are doing 0h Game Jam this year.
We'll be hanging out in the PIGSquad Discord voice/video chat while we do it!
We're starting to jam at 1am but something is up with the clock on the actual itch timer, in classic daylight savings / Y2K fashion.

Make a game in 0 hours: a once-a-year opportunity when the clocks go back for daylight savings!

This is a place for anyone in the US to upload their jam game to share with others! Please visit or for official info (currently complete in EU). From what we can find, the US time leap is from 1am-1am so our hours in this jam are adjusted accordingly. We're also tagging an extra 15 minutes on to the timer so you have a sec to upload & share :)

Note that we will be having a 2023 Portland Game Jam Showcase on November 30th, so feel free to bring your game out to share if you're in the area! PIGSquad will also be kicking off its annual "Finish Your Game" Jam on November 9th if you just plain ol' want to keep the jam engines cooking after this weekend.

PS, here's what we could find from on the 0hgamejam site, but the actual site is down right now:

Shorthand PIGSquad jam rules & details:

  • Non-Portlanders are welcome to participate.
  • When submitting your project, we will ask you some questions to avoid being submission-bombed.
  • All participants, in person or remote, must follow PIGSquad's Code of Conduct. As a general rule, please keep entries "PG-13" or younger. No nsfw content.
  • Do not police submissions or make fun of / talk down on jam submissions or jammers' ideas in PIGSquad channels or otherwise. Our goal as a community is to uplift creative collaboration and learning.
  • This jam is not a competition and is not judged.
  • Jammers retain full ownership of the games they make during PIGSquad jams.

The Portland Indie Game Squad is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting the health and continued expansion of game developer and enthusiast communities in Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and online. We provide events, resources, and networking activities for art and technology creatives. Learn more at


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Wamp up some balloons in a game made in 0 hours
Made for the Zero Hour Game Jam
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zero hour game jam woooooo
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