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Create a game using the Pico-8 game development environment.  Pico-8 is a "fantasy console" for making small 8-bit style games.  Game files are stored as "cartridges" in P8 format.  Games can also be saved in P8.PNG image format, which allows you to use a screenshot image as your game file.

Please note that Pico-8 does cost $14.99.  Some experience in LUA programming is necessary, but if you are familiar with other languages such as Ruby or Pyton it isn't difficult to learn.

See the following site for more details on Pico-8 -

The game jam starts now and runs through the end of May 2017.

Games will not be rated.


Game "cartridges" should be posted to your account.  Exporting to HTML5 is highly recommended, so that those without the Pico-8 runtime can play your game online.  Submitting to the library on the official Pico-8 site is recommended as well!

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