This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-06-11 07:00:00 to 2022-06-19 20:00:00. View 4 entries

Welcome to the Pico-8 512 character jam!
This game jam is based on the PICO-1K Jam.
Please check it out as it has lots of resources you might need on your journey here.
Make a game or demo in 512 characters or less.

1. Entry must be <=512 characters
Use the character counter in the bottom right corner!

2. ALL content must be done in the code. Sprites, map data, sounds and external files are not allowed.

3. Have fun!

Keep in mind there is no prize as this is a non-ranked jam.
If you have any questions, ask them in the Community section!


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An infinite random jam: kick, hat, and acid.
Segmented LCD-style clock for Pico-8 in under 512 characters
Run in browser
A PICO-8 text editor in under 512 characters
Run in browser
Floppy bird clone made in PICO-8 that fits in 512 characters
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