This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-02-10 05:00:00 to 2019-02-17 04:59:59.

This is a monthly game jam for people that are in all skill gaps but it is mainly for people that are new or just don't have any game ideas. This game jam is un-ranked and no rewards will be handed out to anyone.


The theme for this jam is Breaking the fourth wall. (ex: How Deadpool would usually talk to the audience which is breaking the fourth wall)

You can use any game software you want, even one you made.
You can use assets that you didn't make but it is recommended to make your own to test your skill.
You can start right when the theme is released but it is recommended to wait when the jam officially starts.
Your game can have explicit content but the description and thumbnail must warn the player about it being NSFW.
Your game can not have any racism or sexism in it at all (no exceptions).

If you break any of the rules above, you will not be allowed to participate in any of these jams again and you will be banned from the discord server.