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With our theme decided by popular vote, its time to announce it, and begin our Jam! Based on the poll results, this Jam is going to be moving forward with 2 very different themes, Contamination, and Power Loss! Remember, meeting both themes will grant bonus points! In addition to our themes, we are also introducing 4 Modifying themes: Control, Iron, Death, and Vertical.  Meeting these 4 modifiers will result in additional points being given, depending on how creatively these modifiers were met

Contamination: Contamination is a term usually used in reference to disease.  A game based off of a viral outbreak or other form of infection could fit this theme extraordinarily easily

Power Loss: Power Loss can refer to many concepts.  Perhaps you take the meaning literally, and create a game with a power supply/battery system? Perhaps you take it metaphorically, and create a game where the player is hopelessly outmatched?

Regardless of the game you create, we at Peppermint Games are really looking forward to some truly creative concepts from this wonderful community!

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A Zombie hunting game