Submissions open from 2023-06-16 04:00:00 to 2023-06-26 03:59:59
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Pepper, Carrot, and friends flying through the sky with the title "Papper&Carrot Jam" at the bottom. Art by David Revoy.

Pepper&Carrot is a free and open comic made by David Revoy about a young witch Pepper and her cat Carrot. The comic is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, meaning fan works can be created and shared, as long as permission is given to David Revoy and fellow contributors. Let's make games in the universe of Pepper&Carrot!

The Spirit of the Jam

Pepper&Carrot Jam is a laid back, casual game jam over intended for fans of the series who want to make a game in the universe. There's no ranking or competition. Whether you've never made a game or are an experienced dev, you're welcome and encouraged to participate in the Pepper&Carrot game jam.

The jam runs over the course of two weekends to give people enough time to make something without feeling too stressed out or pressured.

Much like the comic is released under a free and open source license, you're encouraged to release your game under a similar license! Let's all learn from each other.

All types of games are welcome—video games, tabletop games, anything!

No rules or themes for the jam, just set it in the universe of Pepper&Carrot.

Pepper and Carrot flying on a broomstick by a floating world tree city. Art by David Revoy.

How to Prepare

Ideally you don't start until the game jam begins, but if you're dreaming and scheming, that's cool!

A great way to prepare is by reading the webcomic and getting familiar with the world of Pepper&Carrot.

If you're looking to collaborate with others, start a discussion in the Community.


The Pepper&Carrot Jam is organized by Brett Chalupa. Pepper&Carrot is Copyright © David Revoy and released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. The jam cover and description art is by David Revoy.