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The Penguin Heist Game Jam Is Here!

Penguin Heist is a game being developed by the two indie developers That Fish and That Other Fish. With the release of Penguin Heist just around the corner it was decided that a game jam should be hosted. 

The game jam is a month-long experience where amateur (or pro!) devs will make penguin games of their own.  Winners will be receiving fun prizes for participating!

What are the rules?

1. Make a computer game about penguins

2. Have fun!

What are the prizes?

The prize list is as follows:
1st Place: A $60 Steam Gift Card as well as a free copy of Penguin Heist upon release

2nd Place: A free copy of Penguin Heist upon release

3rd Place: A free copy of Penguin Heist upon release

The deciding vote will be cast by the developers as well as a third party judge

What else should I know?

To be eligible to win you must join the official Penguin Heist Discord. In the Discord you will also be able to come in contact with other game jam participants! 

If you want to see more about our game, Penguin Heist, we recommend you check out the Official Steam Page.


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A very short prelude
Brave penguin shoot evil pink whale
Play in browser
Slap penguins with a fish
Play in browser
A text RPG I'm working on.