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A "BE KIND" initiative of Lake City Game Creators to Create a game, comic or poster with the theme "PEACE SUPERHEROES",
i.e. promoting peaceful conflict transformation skills.

The mission of this JAM is to

  1. locate talent that would contribute their design skills to a worthy cause
  2. generate original content to inspire the Official Team Peace Superheroes project
  3. promote peaceful crisis resolution skills

Suggested ideas/themes:

  • Super powers: Facilitating, Compassion, Inter-positioning, Empathy, Conflict Analysis, Reconciliation, Emotional Intelligence, Cross cultural communication
  • Peace Gadgets: Invisibility cloak, Truth reflecting mirror, Teleportation, Judgement Zapper
  • Levels: School, friend, teacher, club, cliques, stereotypes, gender issues, arguements, fights, bullying

Suggested tools/media:

  • Video game (recommended rapid prototyping tools)
  • Comic/Poster
    • Comic: 900 x 1440 pixels per page or ~5" x 8". Suggest 1,2,4,6, or 8 page increments
    • Comic: Scanned and hosted on Tapastic or Zipped PDF/PNG
    • Poster: 3200×4000 pixels (16" x 20") or 4000 x 6000 pixels (20" x 30"). PNG please.
    • Ideas:
  • Board or Card Game
    • Zip all printable material as PDFs. Include rules, cards, boards, etc
    • If printed black and white will there be any issues?
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Collect some eggs, free some farm animals, learn a little about life.
ugly saves the world
A short Game Where you save a school from bullies, may involve farming.
Role Playing