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For the first time in two decades, new works have entered the public domain in the United States! We're now free to reuse, remix, and republish these books, movies, and songs which were first published in the United States in 1923!!

That means it's ...


To participate in this jam:

  • reuse some newly-public-domain'd material
  • change it up in some way
  • post it here for all of us to see!

Any and all works are accepted: visual novels, interactive poetry, video remixes, music, shmups, Twine mashups, etc. There are no limits on submission type whatsoever.


Project Gutenberg: Books released in 1923

Duke Law's summary post on the material entering the public domain (contains link to massive excel sheet of public domain works)

Broader Wikipedia article on new works entering the public domain in many countries

Article explaining why we have new public domain works in 2019, and what the future may hold


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You wake up in an endless ocean...
Interactive Fiction
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You need to feed, and the train will get you there.
Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
Interactive Fiction
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We will not be put off the final goal / We have it hidden in us to attain
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